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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 More Days!

Buon Giorno a tutti!!
      Mamma Mia!  Ci parliamo fra 3 giorni!!  Che Bello!!  Ok, just so we are all set.  We are talking THIS saturday.   I will be using emily's account again.  If im not there, if its not working, Call me!  we are going to try at Giorgias first and see if it works, if not we will come to internet point!  Either way we will talk to each other.  Moss family first at 11 your time and buma family after the ivory family at 11 your time as well (5:00 and 7:00 my time).  Be there or be square!
      As far as the week goes.  Elisa is still on for baptism.  may 26th at 5:00.  Man, she is the cutest little thing.  Haha.  I love teaching children.  It really helps me remember how simple the gospel really is.  THey are so in tune with the spirit and its so great to see.  We taught her the plan of salvation this week. Its crazy hearing her mom teach with us.  She has been less active for a little over a year now but you would never guess.  You can tell how strong she was in the church just from listening to her teach.  We still dont really know what happened with her but we will figure it out.  I know it started with the fact that they got divorced and then she didnt like going to church because they talked about families being together forever and she just was sad and didnt like it.  It kind of scares me though.  I have really learned that even the strongest can fall if they arent careful.  There isnt any point in our lives that we can just say, "ok from now on i can just cruise it out."  Its a constant process.  Satan works on everyone.  Its really interesting being able to learn so much on a mission about my future life just from getting to know and watching others.
     We had a lesson with GIorgia this week on the word of wisdom...  She smokes and she knows we dont like it and that we want her to quit but we hadnt ever really explained why yet.  Well, lets just say that that was a little hard.  It was such a hard lesson because its something i know is hurting her (from a gospel stand point and also a physical) but she just doesnt care enough.  I just love her and i want her life to be better and i know it can through the gospel.  I love free agency and im glad we have it but sometimes i just want to force her to just try it because i know she would be so much happier after.  She is making tiny steps but just at her own speed.  She hardly ever smokes around us and i love that.  I told her she just has to be around us all the time!
      Ok, i think that is the last story i can tell today.  We went and had a lesson with Raffaella yesterday.  It was AMAZING!  I really have never felt so guided in what i was saying before.  She told us of a dream she had of her grandma that passed away crying.  Then raffaella said she didnt exactly know why but she felt like it was because they feel the same.  They seem to be happy but just really arent.  I felt and knew so clearly why her grandma was crying.  I felt so strange but i told Raffaella exactly what i felt i needed to say.  That her grandma is crying because she's not happy where she is and is waiting to be baptized.  That they both do feel the same way and that's because they are both missing the gospel in their lives. the spirit seriously was so strong.  I hope it really hit her.  She knows what she needs to do and just won't do it and it's hard.  I know heavenly father is just waiting for her and doing all he can to help give her the faith and strength she needs to do it.
     Well, i think that's all for  this week.  I'll just be talking to you all on saturday and it will be perfect.  Ill try and think of all the good things i can tell you.  Love you all so much.  I thank heavenly father often for the family and the friends i have been blessed with!  Thanks for your emails every week!  I feel your love and i cant tell you how much that helps me.  Talk to you all soon!  Have a good 3 days till then!
Sorella Chelsea

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