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Thursday, May 24, 2012

One Crazy Week!

     Mamma Mia!  Che settimana!!!  I dont even know where to start this week!  I guess ill start by saying thank you to all the emails i got this week!  YOu havent forgotten about me yet!  Hang in there everyone.  We are all finishing off strong ok!!  haha.  It really is so nice hearing from everyone though.  SO thank you!  Saturday we have our transfer calls.  When we were at the mission home on wednesday president asked to talk to me for a bit and he asked me if would be willing to just stay in Ladispoli.  He laughed when he said it because he knows how much i love it there.  Then we laughed because now im 95% sure that i really will have only served in 2 cities and one for half of my mission.  i just love it here and im glad at least until now no one has taken me away from it!  He also told me that he wants me to train but wants me to be with sorella ivory too so we are probably training together!  I think that would be the perfect set up!  SO who knows??  Thats all the info i have for now.  Ill let you know next week!
     As for our week.  First i should say that Elisa isnt getting baptized this week but we are just putting if off for a month.  She needs to come to church and there are just little things we need to figure out.   We are going tonight so hopefully we can set another date with her towards the end of june.  We almost thought we were having another baptism this week too....  It really has been the craziest week of my life. haha.
      SO thursday we go see Raffaella (sorella askew was here and she came and did the lesson with us!  It was sweet!!!).  Raffaella told us that she broke up with Carmine and wanted to be baptized may 26th!!!  Such a miracle.  we planned to go together with a member the next day to talk to her mom about it.  So me and sorella ivory leave and make big plans.  We called ward members that know her to pray for her, bishop announced in ward council to pray for her, me and sorella ivory fasted for her and everything.  We go the next day to talk to her mom.  we walk in her house and i just knew she was different, in a bad way.  She told us that carmine didnt want to break up so she cant get baptized right now.  Talk about test of my faith. she had turned into a completely different person.  We explained that when we want to do something good, like make covenants with our heavenly father, there will always be opposition.  Then we invited her to come to church with us and she came.  In church she was a disaster.  We all had to go talk to bishop and she cried and said she just isnt happy.  Bishop kindly told her that she wont be happy till she makes a decision and plan to get baptized (either break up with carmine or stay together but move in with her parents).  We set up an appointment and went to see her monday afternoon.  We get there and she told us that she is going to be baptized on saturday and that carmine was coming home so we needed to stay so we could be her support while she told him.  she was sooooo strong at the beginning and told him she was moving into her parents house and they wouldh ave to figure out if they were staying together or not.  somehow by the end of the conversation carmine had changed her mind into not getting baptized on saturday.  So we kinda made one big huge loop.  I just know how unhappy she is and how happy she will be when she decided to make that step.  We are still praying for her so much.  I LOVE HER!  It makes me so sad to see her how she is.  Sorry for all the detail but this is a lot so that i have it all written.
     We did see a huge miracle among all of this though.  Friday night we went with our bishop and his wife to eat dinner with a family.  It was PERFECT.  They are so prepared for the gospel is crazy!  We are having dinner with them again on saturday and im so excited.  Its even more of a miracle because at the begining of the transfer we made goals.  We wanted to find a family.  But we went further and said a family ready for the gospel and the blessing of being sealed as a family with 3 kids.  Well, this family has 2 little twin girls and a little boy.  Such a miracle.  I know prayer works and really works when we are specific.  ILl have to tell you the whole story.  Its pretty sweet.  anyway, we are really excited to start teaching them!
     Other investigators are doing good but not really progressing.  Giorgia starts working full time soon and cant come to church anymore.  She will work every day from 8 to 8.  I dont even think thats legal... She is still reading though and LOVED mosiah 2.  we read it together and she was underlining which is huge for her!  The Russians we havent seen.  Hopefully this week but they said they are busy.  The work is going good though.  I love my little Ladispoli.
      Well thats it for this week!  I cant think of anything else that i need to tell you except that i love you!  Thanks for everything.  Especially for your prayers.  I love you all!!!  have a great week and dont forget about me!  ILl be waiting for my emails next week:)  KNow that you are all in my prayers every day.  I know that we are so blessed because we are members of Christs church on the earth.  And with that comes a huge responsiblity to share what we know.  Dont let chances to share the gospel go by!  Love you and miss you!
Sorella Chelsea

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