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Via Flavia 21
00055 Ladispoli (RM)

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Italy Rome Mission
Piazza Carnaro, 20
00141 Rome RM

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Transfer!!

Mamma mia!!!!
     Non lo so dov'è andato il tempo!!!  Its my last transfer??  I just cant believe it.  I still feel like im just going around not really knowing what im doing.  yes, i know a lot more than when i started 15 months ago but i still just feel like i have so much to learn.  I have learned that a mission isnt going to change me into exactly the person i want to be, perfect.  I just have always had this picture in my mind of a return missionary and they seemed perfect in my eyes.  So starting out, i expected to come home like them.  the ideal return missionary.  What i have learned though is that a mission is giving me a good jump start on that process.  I have a lot more to learn and a lot more to change that isnt all going to happen in my mission.  Im so grateful i have my whole life to keep the process going.  This is just my jumping point!   I have learned so much and i know this last transfer is going to be another good one!
     So, yes, we are training!  Im really excited.  Im glad i have the chance to train again.  When i trained sorella miles i was SOOOOOO scared.  I was so stressed for our first 2 weeks.  Poor sorella miles had to deal with that.  This time im just excited.  I want her to just love ladispoli!!!  and love the mission!  Love the people!  I think i really needed just a little change up though for this last transfer.  So this morning we got our house ready for her.  I packed half my stuff so she would have some room to put her clothes away, that was really weird.  We got out a bed for her and we are good to go.  Tomorrow morning we are taking the 7:00 train to go to the mission home and pick her up!  It should be interesting training in 3...
      Next, I saw Sarah and Chad!  That was sooooo nice to just spend a couple hours with them.  I was waiting for them on the spanish steps and they came around and surprised me.  I was sooooo happy. haha.  I was nervous to see them but it was perfect.  It was like we just hadnt seen each other in a couple days.  they look just the same and told me every thing at home is pretty much the same.  thats always good to hear!  I was grateful they took a couple hours out of their trip to come see me.  We ate some pizza and gelato and walked around rome.  it was great!  Thanks sarah and chad!  Hope you made i home safely!!
      Ok, next.  Our bishop had to cancel our dinner appointment with this family (Salvatore and Antonella) this week.  So we havent seen them since last time i wrote.  We will make sure that we see them this week.  If our bishop cant do it with us, we are going to see them!  They didnt come to church either like we were hoping.  But thats ok!  THey are great and we just need to get over there to see them.  They are from southern Italy and i loved being around them because they are a lot like my beloved Sicilians.  Man i miss them.  Haha.  Keep praying for them!
      we have some new investigators that are SOOOO great.  The first is Diana.  I talked to her a long time ago on the street and FINALLY she came to english course.  She is probably my age and seriously one of the cutest girls i have meet in Italy.  And she just loves us.  She came to english course last night just to see us!  she said she was dead tired but wanted to come to see us.  then they invited her to stay for institute and she did!  We are seeing her today and we will see how that goes.  She is really religious and ports her prayer necklace all the time.  SO have a little explaining to do.  haha.   But she likes what she sees so far!
    Then there is Paola.  I think we found her last thursday because she came to an activity with a member.  She is a little off but really great.  She has been severly depressed but has already changed so much in the past couple days.  She writes poetry but for the past several years hasnt been capable of doing it.  we went to see her monday night and after church the day before she wrote like 4 poems for the first time!  and they were beautiful!  She came to church and loved it!  singing all the hymns with us and closing her eyes and so concentrated during the sacrament.  it was sweet!  We also invited her to baptized June 23 and she agreed!!!! So we will be busy getting her ready for that!  ILl have to take a pic and send it to you.
    By the way, somehow i deleted the pictures on my memory card... just of the past month and a half but im still really sad.... im glad i at least sent a couple in emails.  man.  Im not very smart.... Giorgia always tells me im a disaster!  haha.  Its sometimes very true.  She is doing good but is now going to be working all day, every day.  Yesterday i asked if she thought the chruch was true.  She said she didnt know.  Then i told her that I knew that she knew it was true and she couldnt deny it at all.  She just needs to get some courage to forgive heavenly father and let the atonement heal her heart.
      I think thats about it for us today!  We have seen so many miracles in the past week and i know this work is the Lords work.  I have had the goal to go to bed every night exhausted because i had given it my all that day.  I know as we give it our all the lord makes up for the rest.  And he blesses us more than we will ever know.  I love being apart of this work!  Being a missionary makes me happy every day!  I have one more transfer to wear my tag and ill wear it proudly!  I love Ladispoli and i want to give it my all.  They deserve it!  Thanks for you love and support.  I love my family and friends.  I miss you but ill see you soon!  Until then, know you are always in my thoughts and prayers!
Sorella Chelsea

Sorry but i had to send this picture... haha.  Italy has changed me.. haha.  Ill be working on this before i get home.  Its bad though because italians are just really open with their weight and they dont really care what anyone thinks about it.  and that is what i have acquired.  HELP ME!!! haha.
Us with Sarah and Chad.  Im so glad sarah took some pics cause i lost all of mine!!

(I'm having trouble getting these pictures. Once I get them, I will add them.)


  1. I have a few pictures that I took with Chels when we saw her in Rome. I'm happy to email them to you of you'd like.

  2. That would be wonderful. We would love to have those. Do you need my email address?

  3. Replies
    1. It's lacmoss at gmail. That must have been an amazing trip. I'm so glad you got to go see Chelsea. I know it meant a lot to her.

  4. I just sent the pictures. Let me know if you don't get them!

  5. Thank you so much! Those were so fun. I didn't have any trouble opening them. I will have to include some in tomorrow's post.