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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy May!

Ciao a tutti!!
    ITS MAY???  What happened?  I dont even know where my life is going.
 Its crazy.  And really is scary how fast time really goes.  But im just
taking it one day at a time and making sure im loving it.  Im grateful
every day to be where i am.  We have had some pretty sweet miracles this
week and im so excited to tell you about them.  Im learning how much
heavenly father knows me individually and really hears and answers our
prayers.  I had a really cool testimony builder of prayer and the love
heavenly father and the savior have for me, sorella buma, this week.  Ill
share it with you guys when i talk to you a week from Saturday!!!  it was
so sweet.  Man, im grateful for the gospel!  I often am walking on the
streets and just thinking about all the people that are around me that dont
know what they are missing.  Its motivating to open my mouth even if its
hard.  Share what you know!  I have good plans for when i get home.  We are
blessed to be the angels that can share the beautiful message of the gospel
to those who are kept from the truth because they just dont know where to
find it.
   First miracle of the week.  THis is going to be hard to explain but i
will do my best.  Ok, so Andreina, the old lady, has a russian family
(Grandma, daughter and grandson) that live next door to her.  The grandson
about 2 months ago go hit by a car and has had to have surgery on his leg.
 He doesnt really have friends and so andreina invites him over to just
keep each other company.  One time we went to see her and he was there.  We
left him a book of mormon and explained it a little.  THat was about 6
weeks ago.  Flash now to 3 days ago.  We saw him and his mom walking on the
street.  We remembered it had been his birthday so we asked if we could
bring brownies over (everyone here LOVES brownies).  So the next day we
went over there.  They were soooooo appreciative.  THe mom was so touched.
 Her son is 23 and just kind of awkward.  Really not socially mature for
his age.  Then there was the grandma who doesnt speak a word of Italian.
 So we are talking about the book of mormon and she was so anxious just to
touch it.  I handed it to her and watched her flipping through the pages
just with this desire to know this book.  we invited them all to read the
introduction so we could talk about it more the next time.  THen we said a
prayer and got up to leave.  THe grandma hugged me and looked me in the
eyes for a good minute just crying.  SHe didnt need to say anything.  I
know she was touched so strongly by the spirit.  Im so excited to see what
happens with them.  They are great.  Pray for them.
  Other big miracle is that we have a baptismal date!  the 26th of this
month!!!!!!  THe little girl i told you about last week.  We went and saw
her sunday.  She is the cutest thing and just wants this so bad.  The mom
was great and has such a strong testimony of the church.  Her and her
husband are seperated now and have both stopped coming to church but have
the strongest testimony.  The dad was there for the last part of the lesson
was so happy she is getting baptized.  I hope this is something that can
help bring this family back to church.  IT was so sad for me to see them
both know its true but not be doing what they know is right.  I know the
mom has stopped keeping pretty much all the commandments now.  Its hard for
me to see this family that was so strong in the church be on such a
different path now.
    Giorgia told us she wouldnt be in church on sunday but came anyway.
 She fights it but she cant resist it!  haha.  I love her.  She NEVER prays
while we are there.  But this week she did it!!!  We wrote it down for her
(she told us what she wanted to say) and then read it.  It was the first
time she has prayed outloud in a LONG time and she felt the spirit.  Piano
piano she is coming around.  im excited for you guys to get to say hi to
her when we talk!
    Our other investigators are doing well.  No one that is making really
good progress but we are going to find so new ones!  Finding is hard but so
funny and great and necessary.  ANd thats what we are going to do!
    Other things for this week?  Yesterday was another festival here so we
went to a big forest with our ward.  It rained the whole time but it was
fun anyway.  I say it a lot but i love our ward here.  They are the best
ones! I think thats pretty much it though.  It was a good week!  So many
blessings and so many things to be thankful for.  And my family and friends
are right at the top of that.  Thanks for your emails you send me every
week!  I really love you and pray for you daily.  Have a great week and ill
talk to you all next week!!!  Love you and miss you all!
Sorella Chelsea

no pictures... sorry but this computer is STRUGGLING!!!!

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