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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Email!

Ciao a Tutti!
    It feels like i just talked to you all.  Which is because i did.  I dont know how much i really have to tell you today because i filled you all in on everything.  Im grateful for everything that you said to me.  I really can feel your love and prayers.  I LOVED seeing all your faces and just being able to talk to you for a minute.  It was really weird to just say, "see you in 2 months!"  I cant believe how fast time is flying.  These next 2 months are going to fly by.  Everyone here reminds me of it ALL the time. Im like, "hey!  I still have 2 months left!"  Then they always just say, "Thats nothing!  Its going to go by so fast!".  Thank you.... I guess thats what happens when you know everyone well enough that they all remember when you are going home.  Its all really weird, and exciting and scary and sad to think about.  I got my "death papers" at zone conference on thursday.  that was a really strange moment.  I didnt open them for a couple hours.  Im so grateful though because heavenly father has really blessed me with a desire to do everything i need to do.  To study, to find, to teach.  I never wanted to end on a low note and i have been praying to not have that.  I know prayers are answered and heavenly father is taking care of me.
     Well, Im not sure the baptism of Elisa is going to happen on the 26th.  Our bishop talked to us the other day and he said that he doesnt want her baptized until her parents are active.  Which make sense but really puts a huge stumbling block in the way of her getting baptized.  Which is what she really wants.  Today for pday we are going to the mission home with the other sisters for lunch and we are going to get some advice from President there.  pray for her and for her family.  She is the cutest thing and just wants to do the right thing.  I just dont want her to have to wait for years to have the gift of the holy ghost.  As she is growing that is going to become so important.
     Raffaella, not any news.  Still with her boyfriend and doesnt have the courage to do anything. Sunday we went over there for her birthday with bishop and his wife.  I dont remember what was said but she started talkinga bout how she just wants a family and to be a mom.  Carmine, the boyfriend, then said, " im not saying never..."  Basically he has NO desire to get married and have a family.  She is 29 and he is 35 almost 36.  I just feel like she is wasting time that she could use to get baptized and find someone great in the church!  I hope soon (Preferably in the next 2 months) that she can see that.  That she can get over the fear of being alone for a min and have faith in the plan heavenly father has for her.
     You all saw Giorgia.  She is doing good and making progress a little at a time.  I know she will come around but its going to be a slow process for her.  You will all meet her one day!  She LOVED both my families. She loved getting to see where we come from and who you all are because we talk all about our families!
     Last thing, Pray for our referral family that our bishop has for us.  we are going with him and his wife to eat dinner with a family on friday night.  the brother of the husband is a member in another ward in our stake but they both came to our ward on sunday.  Bishop set up an appointment for us and im really excited for it!  I just want to teach a family!  This could be it!  Me and sorella Ivory are praying so much for them!  Ill let you know how it all goes.
     Well i think thats about it.  I have been so blessed in the past couple weeks. I feel like heavenly father is teaching me so many lessons.  Patience through finding, the importance on setting goals and really working towards them.  Im still not a perfect goal maker and doer but im working on it.  Im learning a lot about progression.  Heavenly father doesnt care where I am but where im going.  I can be hard on myself that im not better in so many aspects of being a missionary and daughter of God.  Im learning though that the key is progression.  I can do a little better every day and that is all that Heavenly Father asks of me.  Which leads to repentance.  Im learning the importance of repenting lots of times every day and then setting my mind to do better.  Im so grateful for the thousands of chances heavenly father gives me through the atonement of jesus christ.  There is an article in the april ensign by elder bednar about the atonement and he talks about good people using the atonement to be better. its sooooo good!  READ IT! :)
    Have a great week!  Thanks again for saturday!  I loved talking to my family.  YOu are the best ones!!!  And i really mean it! ILl talk to you all next week!  vi voglio tanto bene! A dopo!
Sorella Chelsea
P.S.  Jenna!  Thanks for the pics!!!  YOu are just going to have a baby soon and that is SOOOOO weird to me!  Keep me updated.  Which brings me to my next point... DANI BREE!!!!  You are going to have a baby??  SEND ME AN EMAIL!!!!

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